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  • August 23, 2019 by

    This was a great keep you on the edge of your seat story. Surprises just kept hitting you, like bam, I didn’t see that coming moments. The author knows how to weave a tale that pulls you in and holds on as you anticipate what each page will bring. Highly enjoyable. I received a complimentary copy and I am voluntarily reviewing.

  • My First Blog Post

    August 22, 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

  • Never Forget the Past by Lorena Hoopes

    November 12, 2019 by

    This was great. Full of suspense and trying to figure out who the murderer was immersed you in the investigation. Well plotted and kept me intrigued. Best of all it was clean and had a touch of faith. I received a complimentary copy and I am voluntarily reviewing.

  • November 8, 2019 by

    I loved this Story. Cassidy and Shale were so good for each other. Though Shale pulls away at times leaving Cassidy wondering if he really cares for her, he surprises her. Nobody said a relationship is easy and this couple have their work cut out for them. I received a complimentary copy and I am… Read more

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